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B is for Bubble Tea

Updated: Sep 27, 2020

The first time I had Bubble/Boba Tea was on my San Francisco trip back in April 2017. I had a Jasmine Chai Boba Tea. Unfortunately no photo was taken because I was freezing my buns off and I needed to warm up fast. Fast forward to 2020, and I am now having my second boba tea, well actually boba juice, adventure.

A Little History

Bubble or Boba tea originated in Taiwan in the 1980s. It includes little chewy tapioca balls which look like bubbles and can come in many varieties with a wide range of flavors.

Back to 2020.

There is a new place on Tragarete Road in Woodbrook called DP Cakery that sells a wide assortment of Boba teas and juices including speciality cakes and desserts. When my bestie suggested we go for some bubble tea, I couldn't refuse. It was a blazing hot that day, so we ended up getting two cold drinks; she had a brown sugar boba with caramel and salted cream cheese on top and I had a Dragon Fruit Passion Fruit Boba Juice. Oh yum! Let's just say I will be going back soon to get me some more Boba Juice or maybe a tea this time. I just love chewing on the tapioca pearls. You should avoid swallowing them whole, since they don't dissolve quickly when expanded to the fullest and can be hazardous to your digestive system.

If you're interested on visiting DP Cakery for your own refreshing Bubble Tea, they are located 67 Tragarete Road. You can also find them on social media:

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